Salomon SpeedCross 4 Mountain Shoes Review

Salomon SpeedCross 4 is the 4th series from Speedcross. Salomon itself is popular brand for trailing and running shoes. It shows the bright color and exposed traction. The shoes are suitable for races or adventure runs. Other than that, it is well-known for its toughest trail shoes you could find in the market. So, here are our reviews about the 4th series of Salomon SpeedCross.

Salomon Speedcross 4

Good traction

One of the remarkable things about this series is the traction. It is very comfortable to be worn anywhere you go when you trailing through the mountain. Muddy or snowy trails are not the problem because the design of the traction is pretty tremendous. Salomon SpeedCross 4 is one of the best names for this type of duty.

Designed for mountain used

As we have said earlier, the shoes are designed for you who love to run on the mountain environment with the suitable construction on the shoes. The mesh that has been tightly woven could resist water, debris, and also snow. The toe part is very solid with the heel armor that will not make you feel the bump when you glance off of the rocks. It has midsole with pretty thick size, which makes the shoes need no rock guard underfoot.

Speedcross 4


This is not a minimalist pair of shoes. It comes with extra weight due to the thick foam. But it makes the dampening becomes amazing and the shoes are very comfortable and lightweight even though you wear it for long distance runs.

However, the lateral stability is not the best you can find in its class. Since the stack is tall and the ankle has low cut, the shoes are kind of tippy when you try to turn on fast descent with sharp move.

Fit and Comfort

If you love the previous series of SpeedCross then this new update will be anything you need. The sizing is still using the prior series with a toe-box that is relatively snug so it will be suitable for narrow feet. But if you have wide feet and wear the shoes then sometimes you will find it swells up after you run for a very long distance.


Pros and Cons of SpeedCross 4

Things we like

  • It has almost perfect mix between the cushioning and the ground feel. It does not feel isolating but the sting due to hitting the rocks will be out.
  • Tough trails are not a problem since the treads are exclusively designed for heavy-duty.
  • Mountain run for long distance will satisfy you.
  • The newest design even includes the better longevity and durability.
  • The construction is much stronger than the previous series.
  • Everything about the outsole, mesh uppers, and also laces make the shoes in excellent shape.

Things we don’t like

  • However, the SpeedCross series is not equipped with good ventilation, which makes the drying process becomes slower than the competitors. Summer heat is not a good weather.
  • The shoes are not suitable for casual runner.
  • And if you love to run on mixed terrain then you may consider to not wearing Salomon SpeadCross 4.

Facts & Figures of Low Carb Diet

A low carb diet can easily melt the fat right off the bones. These results can be seen in a matter of weeks while still offering a tasty alternative to the carbohydrates that are missing from the diet. Sounds pretty spectacular does it not?

Low Carb Diets

Why wouldn’t everyone decide to eat low carb in order to shed the excess pounds? Truth is, it is not that simple. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The body uses carbs as a quick energy source and becomes quickly dependent on them.

When they are removed, the body goes through a withdrawal stage, attempting to devour some energy-rich carbs. Some of the major symptoms listed below are short term and will wear off as time progresses.


This is one of the first and most common side effects of beginning a new diet. Becoming irritable is a symptom that is accompanied along many withdraws.

Many people become short tempered during the first few days, and it will pass over time. Coffee can help take the edge off, especially if it is also being cut from the diet. While the body is withdrawing from carbs, it is also withdrawing from the caffeine found in coffee.

Iron, manganese, and potassium are key ingredients to keeping a consistent mental and energy level. Make sure the diet is flushed with these nutrients to help curb the short fuse.

Brain Fog

Typically after the first few days of the low carb diet, there is a mental fog that sets in. The dieter may feel unproductive, even “tipsy” as if they had a few drinks. Just as the body prefers carbohydrates, the brain is used to pulling glucose from the aforementioned carbohydrates.

During the transition from running on glucose to burning fat, the brain will seem to function differently. This is only a side effect that will last the matter of a few days. If however, the fog does not subside in a few weeks, there are two options.

One is to lower the total number of carbs daily while the other is to add carbs. Both should clear the fog rather quickly. The only deciding factor is whether the dieter wants to remove the extra carbs or not.


Shouldn’t all of the nutritional value along absence of the filling carbs bring about more energy than before? Some dieters are faced with fatigue as the body adapts to searching for new sources of energy. This is a natural response and will pass within a week or two.

For those who are accompanying a low carb diet with an intense weight lifting program should be weary. The heavy lifting is going to need large amounts of energy in order to rebuild the muscle. One should consider indulging in a few carbs after a workout to effectively rebuild muscle. Do not fear, the body will burn off the carbs well before they are stored.


There are plenty of rumors spreading that the high amount of meat entering the digestive system may clog some things up. Unfortunately this myth could not be farther than the truth.

Meat will not cause constipation itself; however, it does tend to limit fiber intake. Soluble fiber is found in many fresh vegetables and helps “clear the pipes”, if you will. The fiber helps to regulate the digestive system to ensure all the nutrients are removed from the food.

Ways to start cutting carbs out of a diet

There are many different ways to start cutting carbs out of a diet. Many find working their way into a diet is the most successful process. The most important part is to find what works, as each individual’s body reacts different to each and every dieting tactic.

Unfortunately there is not just one “All will be thin” diet, which constitutes the array of different dieting programs available. Find one that can be suited to everyday life, and tweak that if necessary.

Reasons to Choose the Orbit car seat

What is your best option?

Finding car seats for young children is a complicated matter for parents. Is it best to choose one which is suited for the current age of the child, or one which will adapt and grow as the child gets older? The latter can be very expensive, and they may not always be suitable for very young children, being only able to support them above 30lbs. This means that parents of much younger children do have no option but to choose one which will fit their newborns, and face the expense of buying separate seats as the child grows. However, the G2 Orbit car seat is designed to offer parents of newborns and infants a way to accommodate their car seat needs without having to buy a specific product solely for use in cars.

Orbit Car Seat

More than a simple device

The Orbit car seat model G2 is more than just a simple device for holding the baby while it is in the vehicle. Instead, parents can buy a stroller and base which allows them to use the seat in the car, and then in the stroller. This device is often known as a ‘travel system’, providing parents with two alternative ways to transport their young children. The stroller is a frame, but it is also good with steering and has a comfortable carrier which will easy carry a child heavier than the recommended weight. Being adaptable means that parents can get the seat they need without having to accept a sole-purpose item.

The G2 car seat is one which is specifically designed to support very young children, between 4lbs and 30-35lbs. This means that it can support the weight of children in their second year in a backwards-facing position, something which is recommended by pediatricians as being more likely to protect the child in the event of an accident. By conforming to these recommendations, rather than official standards, the G2 provides advanced protection for the child, ensuring that parents can drive in safety knowing their infant is well-protected.

The security system – LATCH

The Orbit car seat uses a security system, LATCH, along with other makers of child car seats. This system is designed to provide the best security possible for infants and toddlers, positioning the seat so that it doesn’t slide or move when the car is going forward. The G2 base is a good choice when looking for one which is easy to use, install, and remove. The LATCH connections are looped through the base, and there is a ratchet on the side which is turned to tighten the securing belts. This holds the child firmly in position throughout the journey.

While parents might be concerned about the weight of both the base and the car seat, it is at around 15lbs for the base alone. However, this weight is intended to add security to the seat and can be managed by most parents. If moms choose not to install the base for a short car journey, then this is not a problem, because the car seat can be fixed into position using the car seat. There is roughly the same security as with the base, but the latter is able to hold the seat in position even during a severe impact, while the belt might be less secure.

Positioning is easy

Positioning the child in the rear-facing seat is also relatively easy, so parents don’t have to worry about spending ages trying to connect the harness, while the child gets upset and unhappy. There is a buckle position around the chest clip which allows parents to adjust the tightness of the harness, using a front adjuster near to the bottom of the seat.

When parents are looking for something quick, convenient and sturdy, then the G2 car seat is ideal for them. With the ability to be totally secure, even for toddlers, this is a weight of most parent’s minds. The ease of use will also recommend itself to busy parents, or those who want to be able to move the child in and out of the seats easily. When used with the stroller, this car seat provides a complete baby transport system which will help most parents to travel in style and comfort with their children.

Make Use of the Best What Not to Eat While Breastfeeding List

Nursing moms have to eat right! As early as now, it’s important to learn more about the best what not to eat while breastfeeding list. A well-balanced diet is filled with food items that you like best, but certain food groups may not be good for your growing baby. So no matter how much you love to eat this food, you have to abstain, otherwise, you will be endangering the health of your infant.

Best Food for Breastfeeding

If a baby becomes fussy, has colic, congestion, rash or spits up a lot, you have to check some common culprits. It’s important to know what not to eat while breastfeeding list. Coffee, soda or tea can affect breast milk supply. A baby’s tummy finds it difficult to excrete caffeine, unlike adults. Hence, too much caffeine in your baby’s body may eventually lead to crankiness, sleeplessness, and irritation. So what is the best solution? You have to cut back on your coffee intake.

As tired as every mother can be, a fussy infant will only make matters worse so it is important for a mother to know the what not to eat while breastfeeding list. If you want what’s best for your baby, try putting off that cup of coffee. You can continue your usual coffee intake after your nursing session. If Choco is your sweet indulgence and you really love this stuff, it’s best to proceed with caution. Similar to soda and coffee, Choco contains caffeine although not as much. A one ounce serving of chocolate is composed of five to thirty-five mg of caffeine. One cup of coffee has 135 mg of caffeine. Follow the what not to eat while breastfeeding list.

Make sure that you properly observe several changes in your baby and know what not to eat while breastfeeding list. If you suspect that Choco is the main culprit behind your infant’s fussiness, then it’s best that you eliminate from your diet and maintain the same for several days. If you see changes in your baby’s behavior continue abstaining or cutting back. Several compounds which can be found in citrus juices and fruits may irritate an immature GI tract. Make sure to follow the what not to eat while breastfeeding list.

What Not To Eat While Breastfeeding List Includes Choco

Needless to say, too much Choco will lead to spitting up, fussiness, as well as diaper rash in babies. Additionally, you have to know what not to eat while breastfeeding list. Now, if cutting down on your citrus intake seems like a fine idea for your baby’s sake, compensate this by adding different Vit C rich food items to your main menu. This should include mango and papaya. Many lactation consultants believe that consuming cauliflower, broccoli, as well as other gassy veggies will only lead to irritable and gassy babies. Always follow the what not to eat while breastfeeding list.

What Not To Eat While Breastfeeding List Includes Broccoli

However, when you ask nursing moms about broccoli’s capacity to create misery in breastfeeding infants you’ll probably hear different tales. Know what not to eat while breastfeeding list. Take a break from consuming broccoli to see if doing this would put the fix on your child’s flatulence. You may not ban broccoli in an instant. Instead, add it back in small amounts so you can see its effect on your baby. Know the what not to eat while breastfeeding list.

Tips on What Can I Eat While Breastfeeding

Several new mothers think about how their diet will be affected by breastfeeding. My doctor has informed me that I need not make too many changes in my diet while I am nursing. Nevertheless, there are certain important concerns that I need to take note of, especially on what can I eat while breastfeeding.


While breastfeeding, mothers can eat and drink practically anything they like. However, there are some babies who react to what their mothers have eaten. These babies show these reactions through symptoms like excessive crying or fussiness.

I need not do anything special to know what can I eat while breastfeeding. Besides, there is not one perfect diet that can help me improve my milk supply. My doctor said the body of females who have just given birth is ready for breastfeeding, regardless of what they eat. All mothers have sufficient supply of milk for their babies. What is important is they eat well so milk coming from their breasts will be packed with nutrients.

In line with this, it helps to have good supply of cut-up fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. These can be eaten raw or they can also be dipped in the kind of dressing you prefer. Nursing moms can have these as snacks throughout the day. These can also be had as dinner through topping them with melted cheese.

My doctor often reminds me to observe a diet that is well-balanced and healthy. What can I eat while breastfeeding include whole grain starchy foods, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, eggs, fish rich in oil, yoghurt, and low-fat milk.

It is important to have good supply of water in the body while breastfeeding but hydration does not really affect milk supply. Nevertheless, breastfeeding can leave you thirsty so it helps to have water handy.

What Can I Eat While Breastfeeding: What to Avoid

While there is virtually no limit on what can I eat while breastfeeding, it is important that I take things in moderation. Nursing mothers should keep in mind that traces of what they eat and drink can easily end up in breast milk. These traces can have certain effects on babies. If it seems your milk is affective your baby, consult your doctor about your diet so the necessary approach can be taken. What is important is for you to avoid too much consumption of food and beverage, especially alcohol. Keep in mind there is not a level of alcohol found in breast milk that is deemed safe for babies.

What Can I Eat While Breastfeeding: Taking Supplements

Aside from knowing more about what can I eat while breastfeeding, it also helps to learn more about supplements that can be safely taken. My doctor says it is okay to continue with the nutritional supplements I have taken while pregnant. However, a large portion of nutrients must be derived from food. Generally, vitamin B-12 needs to be supplemented daily. You might also be advised to take vitamin D supplementation but you need to inform your doctor if you are also giving vitamin D supplements to your baby.

Benefits and Concerns of Low Carb Diet Plan

Low carb diets have been under siege over the past decade, where some swear by the results and others warn of the potential health risks and strictness of the diet. The diet itself focuses on cutting out carbohydrates, the body’s quick energy source. Carbs can be quickly broken down into sugar and used as energy within the body. When the sugars are absent, the body turns to stored fat cells for another source of energy.

Low Carb Diet


When the body does not have a quick energy source such as carbs, it pulls from fat cells. The fat cells go through a process called Ketosis. Fat can be used by a majority of the body as a source of energy directly, which makes it the easiest option for energy. However, the brain and red blood cells need the fat to go through a conversion process before it can be used. The process of converting the fat does have a few side effects, which are not harmful and typically wear off within a few days. Fatigue and nausea are typically associated with the breakdown of fat, as the body has to work in order to create energy. An alcohol/acetone smell also arises in the mouth causing bad breath, which is a byproduct of the converting fat cells.


There are many benefits when looking at a low carb diet option. The diet typically has results within the first few days. That is an exciting option for those who are looking for results almost instantly. Another is the promise to be a pretty open diet. There are carbs that need to be cut out, but meats and dairy products are almost in an unlimited need. For those who could eat chicken and cheese every day, this is a good diet option.

The diet is highly customizable, allowing the user to determine their own carb intake. Compared to other diets that have exact meals, or pre-packaged meals to lose weight, there are options available. If one night the dieter chooses fish over chicken, it is acceptable as long as the net carb ranges are considered.


While this diet shows potential to be a strong diet, there is a lot of concern as well. Firstly, the weight loss during the first few weeks is exciting, but is directly attributed to water weight. The pounds may have dropped on the scale, but the body may not have lost any fat content at all.

During the initial stages of the diet, it can be very restricting. Typically the diet drops to almost no carbs at first, allowing the body to burn off fat cells quickly. After the initial phase, a small amount of carbs is reintroduced to a healthy level.

The diet can also limit the vitamins and minerals needed each day to function properly. Without the extra vegetables and fruits, the body can be lacking on many different essential ingredients. It is recommended that during a diet, each individual should consider a daily multi-vitamin to ensure proper nutrition is delivered.

Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat Options

Not only a legal obligation

There are few things more important in parenting than buying the correct car seat for a child. Not only is it a legal obligation, but parents that care for their children are also rightly worried about the safety of their baby while traveling in a car. While it is easy to buy second-hand items such as cots or strollers, the same is not true for car seats.

They need to be bought brand new, because all of the fittings need to be perfect in order to provide the child with the right protection in the event of an accident. This makes finding a car seat which is practical and reliable is twice as important.

Graco SnugRide

One of the most popular available on the market, Graco Snugride infant car seat products are designed to be affordable, easy to handle, and able to support young children while they are riding in the backwards facing position. The popularity of the Snugride model, and the fact that more children than ever are being transported in them, seems not to have been affected by Graco’s decision to change the name of its popular models. These include:

  • Snugride Classic Connect
  • Snugride Classic Connect 30
  • Snugride Classic Connect 35
  • Snugride Click Connect 35 and 35 LX
  • Snugride Click Connect 40

These options are all based upon the same style, which is the Snugride model. The model has specific features which defines the whole series.

The most important feature

The most important feature of the Snugride system is the security. Safety features play a big part in influencing parents’ decisions when it comes to buying a car seat, and the Snugride plays to that audience with infant head supports to contain impacts, and it is also fully crash-tested, ensuring that it is approved by the government and can withstand a certain impact. The 5-point harness is another popular feature which ensures that the baby can be moved in and out of the car easily. LATCH systems support the baby, and the Snugride can be matched to the Graco stroller models, so travel systems can be created.

The Grace Snugride 30

The Graco Snugride 30 has been recommended by many experts, and it remains the car seat to beat when it come to providing a great travel system. It is also consistently good at matching with car bases to provide support and protection. It is also very lightweight, probably one of the most lightweight models available, which is perfect for parents who need to carry the seat in one hand and the child in the other. It is also designed to be comfortable for the baby, including having adjustable and removable parts which allow children to sit facing backwards for longer. Most children will confirm that backwards-facing is most comfortable for them, so it is a good buy for those reasons.

The Greco Snugride infant car seat family

The Greco Snugride infant car seat family is intended to allow parents to get the most from their car seat, without having to pay additional costs for a stroller carrier. This is an important consideration when looking at the cost of a product. There are, however, still some significant differences between the different models available. For example, the Click Connect 40 model is designed to have 8 levels of infant recline, which allows the parent to recline the seat to come into contact with the front seat, or to allow the infant to recline further back in the seat. This is a good idea if the child is outgrowing the seat, but needs to be forward-facing for a few more months.

Click Connect system

The Click Connect system also has a feature which is not found on the Classic Connect Graco Snugride infant car seat system, and that is the Level indicator on the base. This makes sure that the seat is in line with the level of the car, and allows parents to check that the seat is correctly positioned before they drive off. As older children might want to be sitting more upright, this level indicator is age-adjusted, so that parents can make sure the child and the seat are secure, no matter what age the child is. This is another feature of the Graco system which has proven very popular with parents.