Salomon SpeedCross 4 Mountain Shoes Review

Salomon SpeedCross 4 is the 4th series from Speedcross. Salomon itself is popular brand for trailing and running shoes. It shows the bright color and exposed traction. The shoes are suitable for races or adventure runs. Other than that, it is well-known for its toughest trail shoes you could find in the market. So, here are our reviews about the 4th series of Salomon SpeedCross.

Salomon Speedcross 4

Good traction

One of the remarkable things about this series is the traction. It is very comfortable to be worn anywhere you go when you trailing through the mountain. Muddy or snowy trails are not the problem because the design of the traction is pretty tremendous. Salomon SpeedCross 4 is one of the best names for this type of duty.

Designed for mountain used

As we have said earlier, the shoes are designed for you who love to run on the mountain environment with the suitable construction on the shoes. The mesh that has been tightly woven could resist water, debris, and also snow. The toe part is very solid with the heel armor that will not make you feel the bump when you glance off of the rocks. It has midsole with pretty thick size, which makes the shoes need no rock guard underfoot.

Speedcross 4


This is not a minimalist pair of shoes. It comes with extra weight due to the thick foam. But it makes the dampening becomes amazing and the shoes are very comfortable and lightweight even though you wear it for long distance runs.

However, the lateral stability is not the best you can find in its class. Since the stack is tall and the ankle has low cut, the shoes are kind of tippy when you try to turn on fast descent with sharp move.

Fit and Comfort

If you love the previous series of SpeedCross then this new update will be anything you need. The sizing is still using the prior series with a toe-box that is relatively snug so it will be suitable for narrow feet. But if you have wide feet and wear the shoes then sometimes you will find it swells up after you run for a very long distance.


Pros and Cons of SpeedCross 4

Things we like

  • It has almost perfect mix between the cushioning and the ground feel. It does not feel isolating but the sting due to hitting the rocks will be out.
  • Tough trails are not a problem since the treads are exclusively designed for heavy-duty.
  • Mountain run for long distance will satisfy you.
  • The newest design even includes the better longevity and durability.
  • The construction is much stronger than the previous series.
  • Everything about the outsole, mesh uppers, and also laces make the shoes in excellent shape.

Things we don’t like

  • However, the SpeedCross series is not equipped with good ventilation, which makes the drying process becomes slower than the competitors. Summer heat is not a good weather.
  • The shoes are not suitable for casual runner.
  • And if you love to run on mixed terrain then you may consider to not wearing Salomon SpeadCross 4.