Want to Ship Cars from USA to West Africa? Follow These Steps

West Africa is one of the largest importers of second or used American cars, sometimes also school buses, trucks, and tractors. Most shippers consider using sea freight to West Africa for sending cars. Although you will use the forwarder, but you should still understand about the necessary paperwork and customs regulation on shipping the goods. Follow the steps below.


1. Shopping Around for Auto Shippers

First, you to shop around comparing quote between one auto shippers to others, especially those who specialize in international shipping. For the shipping, you also need to check several points that can give direct impacts on the cost.

The type of service quoted inland transportation, and destination fees that you need to choose between port to port, door to port, or door to door services. For example, the shipping cost will include the per mile charge to transport your car from your location to the seaport. Usually, the forwarders will charge you the extra cost for transporting the over-sized car to the port then more to store it on the board ship. Then, you also need to learn the shipping method will be used, whether you will ship through the roll on roll off or ocean container, shared or sole container.

2. Submitting All Necessary Paperwork

After deciding the auto shipper, they will request you to submit all the necessary paperwork. Usually, you need to prepare some documents to include 2 copies of a notarized title, a form of Shipper Export Declaration, a form of Dangerous Goods Declaration, and lien holder letter (if exists).

3. Checking Your Car Insurance

Some of the car insurance also covers overseas transport. So, ensure to double check your auto policy. If not, you need to purchase the shipping insurance later. Approximately, the cost of shipping insurance range between 1.5 to 2.5% of estimated value of your car. The cost also can be obtained from the shipping company.

4. Ensuring Your Car in the Best Condition before Shipping

You need to ensure that your car is in the best condition before shipping, so it can work properly when arriving at the destination. Get your car serviced like checking the battery charge, fluids, tire air pressure, etc. Remove all excessive protruding parts of your car such as roof racks or spoilers and any electronic devices such as E-Z pass that may be easily damaged during sea freight. Only leaves spare tire, quarter-tank of gas, and the jack, while removing all personal items such as car alarm. Also, clean inside and outside part of your car thoroughly so it will look good on the hand of the new owner.

5. Inspecting Your Car Thoroughly

You should thoroughly inspect your car condition before shipping. So, if there is any damage recognized on the car after arriving at the destinations means that it happens during the transit.

How Much It Costs?

You might curious how much the shipping costs will charge you. There are 2 types of shipping. First, is containerizing that ensure more security to the goods, so it means more expensive costs. Each 40’ container costs about $7,150 which can contain 4 normal size sedans, so each vehicle costs about $1,787. Meanwhile, the second is roll on roll off shipping that only cost about $1,100, of course, with less security available.

The shipping services usually depart from major ocean ports include Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Houston, Galveston, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Charleston, and New Orleans.