Reasons to Choose the Orbit car seat

What is your best option?

Finding car seats for young children is a complicated matter for parents. Is it best to choose one which is suited for the current age of the child, or one which will adapt and grow as the child gets older? The latter can be very expensive, and they may not always be suitable for very young children, being only able to support them above 30lbs. This means that parents of much younger children do have no option but to choose one which will fit their newborns, and face the expense of buying separate seats as the child grows. However, the G2 Orbit car seat is designed to offer parents of newborns and infants a way to accommodate their car seat needs without having to buy a specific product solely for use in cars.

Orbit Car Seat

More than a simple device

The Orbit car seat model G2 is more than just a simple device for holding the baby while it is in the vehicle. Instead, parents can buy a stroller and base which allows them to use the seat in the car, and then in the stroller. This device is often known as a ‘travel system’, providing parents with two alternative ways to transport their young children. The stroller is a frame, but it is also good with steering and has a comfortable carrier which will easy carry a child heavier than the recommended weight. Being adaptable means that parents can get the seat they need without having to accept a sole-purpose item.

The G2 car seat is one which is specifically designed to support very young children, between 4lbs and 30-35lbs. This means that it can support the weight of children in their second year in a backwards-facing position, something which is recommended by pediatricians as being more likely to protect the child in the event of an accident. By conforming to these recommendations, rather than official standards, the G2 provides advanced protection for the child, ensuring that parents can drive in safety knowing their infant is well-protected.

The security system – LATCH

The Orbit car seat uses a security system, LATCH, along with other makers of child car seats. This system is designed to provide the best security possible for infants and toddlers, positioning the seat so that it doesn’t slide or move when the car is going forward. The G2 base is a good choice when looking for one which is easy to use, install, and remove. The LATCH connections are looped through the base, and there is a ratchet on the side which is turned to tighten the securing belts. This holds the child firmly in position throughout the journey.

While parents might be concerned about the weight of both the base and the car seat, it is at around 15lbs for the base alone. However, this weight is intended to add security to the seat and can be managed by most parents. If moms choose not to install the base for a short car journey, then this is not a problem, because the car seat can be fixed into position using the car seat. There is roughly the same security as with the base, but the latter is able to hold the seat in position even during a severe impact, while the belt might be less secure.

Positioning is easy

Positioning the child in the rear-facing seat is also relatively easy, so parents don’t have to worry about spending ages trying to connect the harness, while the child gets upset and unhappy. There is a buckle position around the chest clip which allows parents to adjust the tightness of the harness, using a front adjuster near to the bottom of the seat.

When parents are looking for something quick, convenient and sturdy, then the G2 car seat is ideal for them. With the ability to be totally secure, even for toddlers, this is a weight of most parent’s minds. The ease of use will also recommend itself to busy parents, or those who want to be able to move the child in and out of the seats easily. When used with the stroller, this car seat provides a complete baby transport system which will help most parents to travel in style and comfort with their children.