Tips on What Can I Eat While Breastfeeding

Several new mothers think about how their diet will be affected by breastfeeding. My doctor has informed me that I need not make too many changes in my diet while I am nursing. Nevertheless, there are certain important concerns that I need to take note of, especially on what can I eat while breastfeeding.


While breastfeeding, mothers can eat and drink practically anything they like. However, there are some babies who react to what their mothers have eaten. These babies show these reactions through symptoms like excessive crying or fussiness.

I need not do anything special to know what can I eat while breastfeeding. Besides, there is not one perfect diet that can help me improve my milk supply. My doctor said the body of females who have just given birth is ready for breastfeeding, regardless of what they eat. All mothers have sufficient supply of milk for their babies. What is important is they eat well so milk coming from their breasts will be packed with nutrients.

In line with this, it helps to have good supply of cut-up fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. These can be eaten raw or they can also be dipped in the kind of dressing you prefer. Nursing moms can have these as snacks throughout the day. These can also be had as dinner through topping them with melted cheese.

My doctor often reminds me to observe a diet that is well-balanced and healthy. What can I eat while breastfeeding include whole grain starchy foods, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, eggs, fish rich in oil, yoghurt, and low-fat milk.

It is important to have good supply of water in the body while breastfeeding but hydration does not really affect milk supply. Nevertheless, breastfeeding can leave you thirsty so it helps to have water handy.

What Can I Eat While Breastfeeding: What to Avoid

While there is virtually no limit on what can I eat while breastfeeding, it is important that I take things in moderation. Nursing mothers should keep in mind that traces of what they eat and drink can easily end up in breast milk. These traces can have certain effects on babies. If it seems your milk is affective your baby, consult your doctor about your diet so the necessary approach can be taken. What is important is for you to avoid too much consumption of food and beverage, especially alcohol. Keep in mind there is not a level of alcohol found in breast milk that is deemed safe for babies.

What Can I Eat While Breastfeeding: Taking Supplements

Aside from knowing more about what can I eat while breastfeeding, it also helps to learn more about supplements that can be safely taken. My doctor says it is okay to continue with the nutritional supplements I have taken while pregnant. However, a large portion of nutrients must be derived from food. Generally, vitamin B-12 needs to be supplemented daily. You might also be advised to take vitamin D supplementation but you need to inform your doctor if you are also giving vitamin D supplements to your baby.